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Orion Slave 43KThe Orions from planet in the Rigel system, for the most part, are Human-like beings. The dominant species of Orions have skin color ranging from ruggy, golden orange to the skin tones of Terran Caucasians.
Some very Human-like females, however, are born with green skin. Said to be less intelligent of the dominant Orions (tough this may be more lack of educational opportunity than from genetics they behave in a semi-animalistic fashion. They usually have long, sharp claws and a greater physical dexterity than the dominant Orions.
Green-skinned Orion females are held in semi-slavery by Orion males. They are extremely seductive, with legend holding that human males cannot resist them. Transport of Slave women beyond the neutral Orion planets is prohibited and, of course, slavery is outlawed at all levels on the Federation. Few Federation Star Fleet personnel have really ever seen an Orion slave female. Orion pirates and freebooters are sometimes encountered by Federation vassels

Orion symbol 7kGOVERNMENT
The Orion Colonies are allegdy neutral toward the Federation in external matters. They tend to encourage privateers (pirates), however, on an informal and unofficial basis, and Orion pirates and smugglers are sometimes encountered.

Orion Slave 17K Planet Orion is in the Rigel system :
Name of the system: Rigel
Position in the system: 8
Number of satellites: 2
Class: M
Percentage lands emerged: 80%
Population: 20 billion (all the system)

slave 14KRigel is a system of four stars with thirteen planets, six of which I am populated. Rigel II and Rigel IV come identified often with the name of Rigelians Colonies. Rigel V is inhabited from a humanoid population very similar to Vulcans. Rigel VI and VII Rigel are two planets in troian orbit that represent a point of reference for the commercial exchanges of the Federation. Rigel VIII, called often also Orion, is inhabited by the aggressive humanoid native population from the yellow skin of about 5.4 billion of individuals. After have acquired the ability from terrestrial explorers of implement interstellar journeys, they have colonized planets and they have built the empire based on the piracy, as wrote above.


- Crew : 102
- Warp engine type : OWA-2
- Maximum safe Cruising speed : Warp 6
- Emergency Speed : Warp 8
- Impulse Engine type : OIB-3
- Beam weapon type : OD-4 Number : 4
- Missile weapon type : FP-1 Number : 4
- Deflector shield type : OSJ

- Crew : 23
- Warp engine type : OWA-1
- Maximum safe Cruising speed : Warp 8
- Emergency Speed : Warp 10
- Impulse Engine type : OIB-3
- Beam weapon type : OD-3 Number : 6
- Deflector shield type : OSF No other infos available


Referring episodes : The Cage, The Menagerie Part I, The Menagerie Part II, Whom Gods Destroy

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