Rigel is a quadruple star system that includes two stars of interest, a blue-white super giant and a somewhat smaller blue-white giant. They support a total of thirteen planets, six of which are inhabited. This remarkable number of Class M worlds can be attributed to the system's extensive habitable orbital rone and to the Hakel radiation belt that surrounds the system's primary and shields the planets from the lethal doses of radiation emitted by the super giant. Rigel II and Rigel IV, sometimes referred to as the Rigel Colonies, were settled by Terran humans less than two hundred years ago. They are now major Federation worlds with a combined population of more than eight billion. Rigel V is inhabited by a peaceful humanoid population of approximately 1 .3 billion. This culture is thought to be an off-shoot of the Vulcan race, due to the great physical similerities between them. Rigel V has been a member of the Federation since 2184, when the Rigel Accords were signed into law. Rigel VI and VII are a double planet system in a trojan orbit. Rigel VI is a major trade center that coordinates much of the cargo transportatjon that takes place between Rigel and its sister UFP members. Rigel VII, a large Class M world, is widely inhabited by a belligerent race of Neanderthaloid creatures called the Kalar. Technologically quite primitive, the Kalar rate a D-plus on the Richter Scale of Culture has become general practice to avoid Rigel VII alto Early attempts at contact only resulted in armed conflict, as the native Rigellian Kalar prefer solitude. Rigel VIII, also referred to as Orion, supports a humanoid population of aggressive, yellow-skinned warriors that number approximately 54 billion. After they were given the capacity for interstellar travel by early Earth explorers Orions colonized the two planets of Rigel's blue giant secondary star and went on to form a pirete empire. Trading primarily in Orion females, they buit a sizable slave trade as demand for the green-skinned, sensual and aggressive female dancers increased. the slave trade was finally abolished by Federation interventlon.

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Referring episode : The Cage, The Menagerie Part I & Part II

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