This page is dedicated to SPOCK's illogicity

Acid Spock 32KWhat ?.... Do you think that Spock is not illogical ?
In this case take a look by loading the following images...
Logically it take time to download all the images (Total 164K)




On the left you can see Mr. Spock wearing acid dress: is it logical?



We want to go on demostrating the total illogicity of Spock. Spock is smiling (illogically) without any reason (illogically).

Spock smiles 33K

And now let's see Spock kissing different women, naturally without any reason...

Spock kiss 1Spock kiss 2

Now Spock, complitely crazy and illogical
is jumping on Capt. Kirk, trying to kill him ?!
Spock jump

That's the conclusion:
There is no logic in Spock's illogicity!

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