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Hit PARADE - 151-200







151 Changin Brass Construction 1976 Instr.   RealAudio  
152 Shame Evelyn "Champagne" King 1977 Lyrics 68 K RealAudio  
153 I Love The Nightlife Alicia Bridges 1978 Lyrics 37 K RealAudio  
154 Got To Be Real Cheryl Lynn 1978 Lyrics 91 K RealAudio  
155 Turn The Beat Around Vicki Sue Robinson 1977 Lyrics 27 K RealAudio  
156 Boogie Oogie Oogie A Taste of Honey 1978 Lyrics 56 K RealAudio Bass
157 Check Out The Groove Bobby Thurston 1980     RealAudio  
158 Shake Your Groove Thing Peaches & Herb 1978 Lyrics   RealAudio  
159 Perfect Love Affair Constellation Orchestra 1978     RealAudio  
160 We Feel In Love While Dancing Bill Brandon 1977     RealAudio  
161 Shadow Dancing Andy Gibb 1978 Lyrics 51 K    
162 Happiness Is Just Around The Bend Cuba Gooding 1983     RealAudio  
163 Hit 'N' Run Lover Carol Jani 1981     RealAudio  
164 That's The Meaning Beautiful Bend 1978     RealAudio  
165 If There's Love Amant       RealAudio  
166 Twenty Four Hours a Day Barbara Pennington 1976     RealAudio  
167 More More More The Andrea True Connection 1975 Lyrics 47 K RealAudio  
168 Feels Like I'm In Love Kelly Marie       RealAudio  
169 High Energy Evelyn Thomas 1984 Lyrics   RealAudio  
170 Reach Out I'll Be There Gloria Gaynor   Lyrics 82 K -Clip
-Full Song
171 Do it Any Way You Wanna People's Choice 1975 instr.   RealAudio  
172 Stress David Christie       RealAudio  
173 And The Beat Goes On Whispers       RealMedia  
174 She's A Bad Mama Jama Carl Carlton       Realmedia  
175 Love Has Come Around Donald Byrd       Realmedia  
176 Turned On To You Eighties Ladies       Realmedia  
177 Strut Your Funky Stuff Frantique       Realmedia  
178 I Am Somebody Glenn Jones       Realmedia  
179 I Got My Mind Made Up Instant Funk   Lyrics   Realmedia  
180 Back In Love Again LTD       Realmedia  
181 The Glow of Love Change 1980 Lyrics   Realmedia  
182 You're A Star Aquarium Dream       Realmedia  

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