Taurus II is the second of thrteen pla"ets in orbit around Beta Taun, a blue giant star located within the Murasaki 312 phenomenon. Murasaki 312 a quasar-like nebular cloud has been known to interfere with and even destroy the guidance and sensor systems of spacecraft that cross its borders. Therefore, utmost care should be taken when traveling in the area.



The dominant life form on Taurus II is a large, anthropoid creature that stands approximaeely eighteen feet tall. Roughly humanoid in appearence, these Neanderthaloid beings inhabit most of the surface of this rocky, desert world. Primitive in culture. the Taurean creatures live in small nomadic groups that attack one another constantly.
Tauresas use crude tools and hunt with spears, wearing the furs of other animal forms they kill. Their overtly hostile nature makes Taurus II a dangerous world.






TAURUS II Name of the System: Beta Tauri
Position: 2
Class: G
Percentage lands emerged: 95%
Atmosphere Composition : 70 mm Hg of oxygen, 140 mm Hg nitrogen






Referring episode : The Galileo Seven

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