Talosian 20KTalos IV has not been completely explored and the Stellar Fleet has furnished few newses to regard. The results of the contact with the inhabitants of this planet have classified. For order of the Secretariat of the Fleet, whoever enters contact with Talos IV for any reason, is passible of capital punishment.
The Talosians have strange power, and they are able to create illusions. They are dying out because they're so smart that they are bored silly. So they started a particular "zoo" where they have various races that they are studying to find a race able to succeed them after their dead.
Talosian head 12K First contact with Talosian was made by Captain Christopher Pike, his first officer Number One, and science officer Spock, They respond to a distress call on Talos IV, where they find the remaining crew of an earlier Earth exploration (on the USS Columbia) which crashed on the planet. The colonists are all aging (male) scientists except for Vina, who is a cute, blonde who was born around the time they crashed (about 18 years back). Pike refuses to live out any fantasies that the Talosians want him to (especially mating fantasies), so the Thalosians bring down Number One and another woman from the Enterprise. Second contact takes place 31 years after the USS Columbia crashed, which is 13 years after the crew of cpt. Pike visits the planet.

Talosian head 9KOther infos about the planet Talos IV
Native Name: Clesik
Name of the system: Talos
Position in the system: 4
Class: M
Gravity: 0,89 g
Diameter: 19.200 Km
Equatorial circumference: 60.000 Km
Total surface: 665.000.000 Kmē
Percentage lands emerged: 90%
Surface lands emerged: 595.500.000 Kmē
Length of the day: 29 hours
Atmosphere: Light
Middle climate: Moderate cold
Form of dominant life: Talosian

Talosian head 12K  

Talosian 18K

Referring episodes : The Cage, The Managerie Part I, The Managerie Part II

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