romani 22KThe UFC system 892 is very similar to the solar system, with the exception of a planet so close to the sun to can be considered practically to the fused state. The fourth planet is absolutely identical to the Earth, as sizes and as continental configuration. In effects it looks like an exact duplicate of the Earth of the XX century, with one substantial difference. On Magna Roma the Roman Empire has not never fallen and so you watched to an astonishing mix of technology and cruelty like the slavery and shows of gladiatorial. Also Magna Roma has known the advent of the Christianity, but it here has not had the necessary push to break her structure of the Empire, if not after two millennia. From that moment, Magna Roma has abandoned the slavery and the sanguinary shows and is been on its way toward a quick development.
The evolution of Great Rome demonstrate the Law of Hodgkins of Planetary Parallel Development, according to which similar planets with similar populations and similar backgrounds evolve in similar manner.

romani 22K Other information on the planet 892 IV
Native name: Magna Roma
Name of the system: UFC 892
Position in the system: 4
Number of satellites: 1
Class: M
Gravity: 1 g
Diameter: 9.845 Km
Equatorial circumference: 15.456 Km
Total surface: 304.517.000 Kmē
Percentage lands emerged: 60%
Surface lands emerged: 182.710.200 Kmē
Length of the day: 24 hours
Atmosphere: Earthling
Climate: Earthling
Capital: Roma
romani 18K

Referring episode : Bread and circuses


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