platonian 25K Platonius is inhabited from a race of humanoid that they have visited the Earth in the V century B.c. after their star, Sandara, is blew up in a supernova. Going on Platonius, the explorers have adopted many ideal from Greece ancient earthling. But this population has suffered of an extension of the duration of the life and a consequent diminution of the births because of the introduction in their chain feed of a known substance like kironite. When a federal square has arrived on Platonius in date 5784 has discovered that this substance caused an increase of the psionics abilities with consequent diminution of the fertility. Because the Platonians have shown an uncontrollable desire of dominion on other groups less evolved, the system of Helios has been placed under quarantine to indefinite time.

Info about PLATONIUS
Name of the system: Helios
Position in the system: 4
Number of satellites: 1
Class: M Gravity: 0.97 g
Diameter: 11,800 Km
Equatorial circumference: 37,000 Km
Total surface: 460,000,000 Kmē
Percentage emerged lands: 50%
Surface emerged lands: 230,000,000 Kmē
Length of the day: 19 hours
Atmosphere: Earthling
Average climate: Earthling
Form of dominant life: Platonian

Referring episode : Plato's Stepchildren

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