I really need your help to identify the following races :

Coridian Pygmies ? (jpg - 24K)Don't have name and info of this black race appeared in the episode : Journey to Babel
I did receive this message : I took a hypothesis (An educated guess) about a name for the short, black race featured in "Journey to Babel." I've seen the episode several times, and noticed a metallic sheen in the color. The credits listed them as "The Little Copper Ambassadors," and I made a theory after the 5th time I saw it. At first I called them "Copperheads," but that seemed too prejudice. I theorized that they are from Coridan, The Planet in which the Federation negotiated a seat in their council during the Episode. Since they are short, and looked black, I now refer to them as the "Coridanian Pygmies."- Thanks to Jon Powell, Trekkie Extraordinaire

dog 6k I guess nobody knows about this dog appeared in : The enemy within

9kNow i have info about this race : this is not a race, it's a puppet used by the the small alien Balok, in the episode "The Carbomite Maneuver" which was aired on Nov.10, 1966. There was a race named the First Federation. They sent Balok to find out Starfleet's intentions
Thanks to Joe Drabek, Jim, Mike Robinson, Danny Linehan, Loskene, Mike Yamiolkoski, JOSEPH W DOUGHERTY, MS KATHOLYN H JOHNSON, Tom Mesilane



6k Very difficult now. This race showned for two seconds to Cpt. Pike in The CAGE But, i've info now. This is a "Anthropoid Ape". It was played by Janos Prohaska who is best known as creating and playing the Horta. A better view of this same ape is later when Pike pulls the Keeper into the cage...and the Keeper turns into the ape. "Now stop this illusion or I'll twist your neck off!" - Very Thanks to George Kuhr - USS Joshua UFPI

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