The Onlies are a race from an alternate earth. they were victim of an experiment tending to extend the life. The result was a disease that strikes after puberty. A cure for this desease (well know as Filterable virus (number order 2250-678) was discovered by Dr. Mc Coy in stellar date 2713.5.

Other infos on Miri's World
Native name: Earth
Name of the system: Persei beta
Position in the system: 3
Number of satellites: 1
Class: M
Gravity: 1.01 g
Diameter: 9,840 Km
Equatorial circumference: 15,575 Km
Total surface: 303,700,000 Kmē
Percentage lands emerged: 60%
Surface lands emerged: 182,220,000 Kmē
Length of the day: 24 hours
Atmosphere: Terrestrial
Climate: Terrestrial
Population: 10,000
Form of dominant life: Onlie

Practically identical to the Earth, Miri's World is a good example of a double planetary evolution. The inhabitants of this planet have had a normal evolution until an experiment biological for the prolongation of the life completely failed, dispersing a virus that has killed all the adults. But, this virus has prolonged the life of all the surviving children, each of which contracts the illness during the adolescence. When the Enterprise has discovered this planet, in date 2713, it has found only a small group of survivors; in succession, other searches have individualized around 10,000 individuals, all of age inferior at 12 years. A serum has eliminated with happened the virus and a federal team is driving the inhabitants until they won't be able to govern alone.

Filterable virus (number order 2250-678)
A virus characterized by quick aging, senility, irritability, violent madness, leprous ulcers on the body, and death.
Filterable virus. The illness is the consequence of experiments on the prolongation of the life; the victims contract the virus if not at the attainment of the puberty, that (because of the prolonging action that the virus has on the life, causing the aging of the human body at a speed of about a month for each one hundred years of real time) it could come centuries after.
Aggression and period of incubation
The virus becomes wicked during the puberty, and it requires a period of incubation of various weeks. The victims whom have already passed the age of puberty, if they have not immunized, as soon as exposed to the virus they contract the illness immediately (it is supposed that the virus operates on the hormones of the adult, estrogens and testosteron). Once appeared the symptoms, the illness does his procession in about 7 days. Despite the Vulcanians don't contract the illness, it has been proven that they become healthy bearers of the virus.

- the illness begins to the be revealed by a pronounced irritability
- leprous points appear on the body, accompanied from sore
- In a period that goes for 5 days to a week, the victim crosses an increase of folly and a rapid aging
- the death arrives little after
Prognosis and treatment
The illness is fatal if not administered a vaccination (developed by Dr. McCoy in date 2713).

Referring episode : Miri

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