neuralian 01-  18KThe umanoid inhabitants of the planet called NEURAL are probably the descendants of a centurian mission disappeared in this area approximately two centuries before. The population was once a calm group of hunters and farmers, but a serious violation of the PrimeDirective from part of the Klingon Empire has transformed them in five parties in continuous fight between them.

neuralian 02-  18KOther info about Planet Neural
Name : Zeta Bootis III
Native name: Neural
Name of the system: Zeta Bootis
Position in the system: 3
Number of satellites: 1 (Asetia)
Class: M
Percent lands emerged: 45%
Atmosphere: Terrestrial
Average climate: Temperate hot
Form of dominant life: Neuralians
Other forms of life : MUGATO

neuralian 03-  19K

Referring episode : A Private Little War

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