a melkotian 17K Though has been explored in very approximate way, Melkot has revealed itself a planet of class M in the low atmosphere, although the dense clouds of CO2 of the high heights. Melkotians has a body limited to the only head inserted on a small abdominal zone from which spread tentacles. They are equipped with strong psionics powers and observers have affirmed that they exploit the telecinesis also for move; they have the ability of create very realistic illusions. Of xenophobic nature, the Melkotians has disseminated the space around their planet of buoys of warning and only after long strive the Federation success to engage limited cultural exchanges.
Other info about Planet Melkot : Name : Theta Kiokis II Nome of the system: Theta Kiokis Position in the system: 2 Class: M Percentual of emerged lands: 82%

Referring episode : Spectre of the Gun

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