A binary system composed of a brilliant white star and a yellow dwarf companion, Medusa supports eight planets none of which is capable of supporting carbon-based life. Only the fourth is inhabited, by a noncorporeal race. Surveyed only by unmanned probes, Medusa is a typical Class C world, heavily blanketed by dense clouds of superheated carbon dioxide. The Medusans are a race of highly intelligent, nonphysical beings that are electromagnetic in composition. Contact between the Medusans and the Federation has been extremely limited. The native Medusans have demonstrated vastly advanced scientific abilities and possess telepathic capabilities far more advanced than those of any other Federation member race. When necessary, Medusans can travel aboard UFP vessels by remaining within highly specialized ectromagnetic conteiners. However, there Is a risk involved in such close contact with humanoid races; while their thoughts are sublime in nature, the Medusans' physical sppearance is so hideous that a humanoid viewer will be immediately rendered insane. Special eye shields can filter out the damaging frequencies lessening the risk to those nearby. Medusans have developed interstellar navigation into a fine art and are extraordinary starship navigators. Their talent is the result of their radically different sensory system. One theory holds that they are able to electromagnetically identify and lock onto thousands of guide stars simultaneously, including those beyond deep sensor range. These life forms have a distinct sense of beauty and have a delighted in the many forms of art available to them since their entry into the Federation.

Referring episode : Is there in thruth no beauty ?

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