The following images are from the Star Trek Original Series Episode "ARENA"

The Gorn starship Commander
Captain (.jpg 200*160 98K)

The fight against cpt. Kirk begins
The fight begins (.jpg 200*160 34K)

The Gorn attacks!
Gorn attack 01 (.jpg 200x160 33K)Gorn attack 02 (.jpg 200x160 34K)

Don't stay so close to me!
Close to Kirk 01 (.jpg 200x160 33K)Close to Kirk 02 (.jpg 200x160 30K)

The GORN captain strikes again but...
GORN is moving (.jpg 200x160 32K)

Cpt. Kirk has the secret weapon!
Kirk shoot (.jpg 200x160 30K)

Kirk will not kill the Gorn. (That's about the METRONS... do you remember?)
Kirk don't kill (.jpg 200x160 33K)

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