Gideon is the seventh planet of eight thet orbit Delta Dorado, a bright white star. The only habitable plenet in its system, Gideon's surfece is eighty-four percent land mass and is home to an advenced humanoid species.
Through a process not understood by Federetion scierntists Gideon developed into a world totally devoid of disease bacteria end viral strains. As a result, the inhabitants' life spans steadily increased over the centuries. Death became virtually unknown, occurring only when the body could no longer regenerate itself. The people loved life so much thet they absolutely refused to interfere with the creation of life, and the birth rate continued to rise. Eventually, the Gideonites developed en unmatched overpopubtion problem. The crisis reached such extreme proportions that every square meter of land area on the planet was occupied. The natives longed for release as the populetion reached 500 billion, surpassing the total population of the Federation. Finally, a plan was enacted to bring Vegan choriomeningitis to the planet.

The Gideons had no natural immunity to disease, and the sickness quiclkly developed into the most devastatjng plague in recorded history. Ninety-six percent of the population died, leaving the hardened survivors to start again. The people had such devotion to their fellow men thet to die and relieve the burden of overpopulation was an honor. The planet's remaining inhabitants have repeatedy refused to establish diplomatic relations with the Federation, though they did accept a gift of many phaser-energy disposal units which were used to remove the bodies of the dead before further diseases developed. Today the plenet is e very Ionely one and lergely empty.

Gideon Native name: Gideon
Name of the system: Dorado delta
Position in the system: 7
Number of satellites: 1
Class: M
Gravity: 1.12 g
Diameter: 15,000 Km
Equatorial circumference: 47,000 Km
Total surface: 611,000,000 Kmē
Percentage emerged lands: 84%
Surface emerged lands: 580,450,000 Kmē
Length of the day: 31 hours
Atmosphere: Dense
Climate: Moderate hot
Form of dominant life: Gideons

Referring episode : The Mark of Gideon

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