The friendly angel 19KThe Friendly Angel, aka Gorgon, is an incorporeal creature that lives of pain and wickedness.Friendly Angel has been met for the first time on the Triacus planet.This world has been the center of a powerful empire of pirates disappeared without leave traces from about three centuries and half. The scientists and the historians are not sure if Triacus is the native planet of the Vegan Tyranny (other name of the Friendly Angel) or if this has absorbed him during his expansion. Apart from the numerous ruins recovered, Triacus comes exploited almost exclusively for the agriculture: today it satisfies the exigencies of many near worlds.

Other infos about the planet Triacus :
Name of the system: Alpha Lyrę
Position in the system: 9
Number of satellites: 7
Class: M
Gravity: 1,31 g
Diameter: 18.100 Km
Equatorial circumference: 54.200 Km
Total surface: 712.000.000 Km²
Percentage lands emerged: 75%
Surface lands emerged: 534.000.000 Km²
Length of the day: 19 hours
Atmosphere: Light
Middle climate: Moderate cold
Form of dominant life: Human

"The Friendly Angel Song"
from TOS "And The Children Shall Lead"
sung by The Children

Hail, hail,
Fire and snow.
Call the angel
We will go.

Far away.
For to see.
Friendly Angel
Come to me.

Hail, hail,
Fire and snow.
Call the angel
We must go.

Far to come
Far to see
Friendly Angel
Come to me.

Referring episode : And the Children Shall Lead

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