fotiallian 16K The Fotiallians (also know as M113-creature or salt vampire) are a race by now extinct. They have been met in Stellar Date 1531.1 by the Enterprise on the planet M113, known also as Crater's World, from the name of the archaeologist that developed important research on this planet. The Fotiallians is characterized for two unusual elements. They live by chloride of sodium and they have unbelievable ability of metamorphosis, being capable of assuming any identity.
Crater's World is the planet of an old civilization of alien characterized by their dependence from the chloride of sodium. The scientists retain that a change of the climate at planetary level has exhausted the vast reserves of chloride of sodium existing on the planet. Originally M113, this planet has been rechristened in honor of the Crater professor and of his Nancy wife for the they intense archaeological work on the ruins of the civilization of this planet. Currently a team of archeologist is carrying on with the work started by Crater.

fotiallian 15K Informations on the planet M113
Native name: Fotialla
Aboriginal name: M113
Name of the system: Gamma Zeta IV
Position in the system: 4
Number of satellites: 1
Class: M
Gravity: 1,1 g
Diameter: 19.900 Km
Equatorial circumference: 52.000 Km
Total surface: 625.000.000 Kmē
Percentage lands emerged: 50%
Surface lands emerged: 312.500.000 Kmē
Length of the day: 27 hours
Atmosphere: Terrestrial
Average climate: Arid

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Referring episode : The Man Trap

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