fabrinian 31K The Fabrinians are a race that, when has been met for the first time by the Uss Enterprise, lived in the hollow of an asteroid called Yonada. Apparently an asteroid, Yonada is really a means of transport built to seem a natural body. Yonada is moved by ancient atomic engines and is endowed with primitive missile systems of self-defence. His inhabitants, that live in the inside cable, are the descending of the ancient race of the Fabrinians, that, knowing that their sun was imminent to explode in a nova, have built Yonada and have launched it in a journey of ten thousand years. But, at the end of the voyage, a lack of operation of the computer has caused an alteration of route and the danger of collision with Daran V. In date 5476.3, a timely intervention of the Enterprise has avoided the disaster and has restored the original route. Yonada is so arrived at to destination, in orbit around the third planet of M class of the UFC system 376082, called New Fabrina. After it has been discovered that the Fabrinians had an advanced culture and with the help of their knowledges is now possible a care for the Xenopolicytemy , an illness before deadly.

fabrinian 17K Information on Yonada
Name of the system: UFC 376082
Class: Type not scheduled in the classification
Diameter: 243 Km
Equatorial circumference: 763 Km
Atmosphere: Controlled
Middle climate: Controlled
Form of dominant life: Fabrinians

fabrinian 17K Information on Daran V
Name of the system: Daran
Position in the system: 5
Class: M
Gravity: 0,96 g
Diameter: 12.520 Km
Equatorial circumference: 39.330 Km
Total surface: 492.447.000 Kmē
Percentage emerged lands: 26%
Surface emerged lands: 128.036.000 Kmē
Length of the day: 28 hours
Atmosphere: Earthling
Average climate: Moderate hot
Population: 3.7 billion
Forms of dominant life: Human, Tellarites and Vulcanian
Daran V, after have been an important center of restocking during the Romulan War, remains a trading center and harbors many veterans of that war. The Daranians fabrics are famous for their quality and duration, the local architects have created very handsome buildings on this planet. The inhabitants of Daran V have the fame of be among the friendliest of the Federation.

fabrinian 20KXenopolicytemy
An illness that causes an increase of the eritrocit, mielocit and trombocit, increases the viscosity and the volume of the blood flow, with serious congestions of all the tissues and organs.

Unknown. It is thought that it is a malignant form of the leukemia or of the Fever of Sakuro (accompanied from cardiac and pulmonary illness).
Aggression and period of incubation From six months to a year. The attack is unpredictable, but once appeared the symptoms, the clinical decours is rapid. Complications costs the life at 30% of the patients, while the hemorrhages at 10/ 15%.
- reddish Complexion of the skin and darkness of the mucous
- Hypertension accompanied from dizziness, headache and a sense of oppression to the head
- Angina increase of the blood pressure, brief breath and cardiac blocks
- Formation of thrombuses, particularly in the veins that feed the brain, the heart, the lungs and the low extremity. Defects could take place cerebral, infections of the miocard and gangrenes to the feet
- Sanguinamento and hemorrhages of the pull intestine, of the hollow orofaring and of the brain, especially in I continue to small accidents or surgical interventions
- Increasing of the spleen and of the liver
- Ulcer
- swollen and painful Joints (gout)
They could also verify visual troubles, itches, congestions.
Prognosis and treatment
Initially it was an incurable and fatal illness, now comes resolved positively in the 100% of the cases with an ancient Fabrinian composed (bare in stellar date 5476). To the patient the consult is of don't eat red meat, meat of organs (liver, kidney) or foods rich of iron. He must owe to bleedings each 2-3 months (removal of 200-500 [ml] of blood). Complications could be take care of according to the sinthomatology.

Referring episode : For the World is Hollow and I have Touched the Sky

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