These enormous jelly-like uni-cellular creatures coming from an unknow planet. Each creature is a part of a bigger complex entity, formed by all the separated uni-cellular beings. The parasitic creatures cause insanity in victims by landing on their backs and entering the nervous system via the spine, which they wrap around. The only weapon that can destroy these parasites is the light. Dr. McCoy first thought that only white light might destroy them (1000 candles per square inch), but after a very dangerous experiment with MR. Spock, he discovered a human-safe way to destroy them by exposing to a ultraviolet light.



Deneva PlanetName of the system: Darius beta
Position in the system: 4
Number of satellites: 3
Class: M
Gravity: 1.15 g
Diameter: 9,700 Km
Equatorial circumference: 14,500 Km
Total surface: 300,500,000 Km˛
Percentage earths emerged: 45%
Surface earths emerged: 135,225,000 Km˛
Length of the day: 25˝ hours
Atmosphere: Earthling
Climate: Moderate hot
Population: 4,500,000
Forms of dominant life: Deltanians and Tellarites

Deneva is one of the greater commercial and industrial centers of the Federation. Founded from the Centauriani, the colony of Deneva has served like center of restocking and reparation for the ships during the Romulana War. Deneva has become the symbol of the philosophy of the Federation, a monument to the cultural and technological sprung out of evolution the cooperation of different races. The Denevana population has stayed decimated in date 3287 by hundreds of flying parasites, destroyed by the Enterprise.













Referring episode : Operation: Annihilate!


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