Capellan Group 25KCapellans are a humanoid race of the planet Capella IV. They are very vigorous and often tall more than two meters and ten centimeters.They are very quick, agile and strong. The Capellans live in villages formed by tents. Their society is constituted by ten tribe of human nomad.

A capellan 10KThey believe that only the strong must survive and that's why refuse any medical assistance.






short cut 17KThe Capellans are incredibly honest, but they could be very dangerous if you lie, if you go against their traditions.The Capellans have a strong sense of the hospitality.
Here Interesting Traditions of the Capellans.
- According to the customs of the Capellans the pregnant woman that remains widows must be killed.
- If a man touches a woman, his close relative male will try to kill him.

Kligat 12KThe principal weapon of the Capellans is the KLIGAT.It is a boomerang that could even kill a man to distance of one hundred meters.
The Planet Capella IV (Name native Kohath) it is a planet of M Class with a gravity of 1.5 g, a diameter of 18,200 Km, an equatorial circumference of 56,000 Km and a total surface of 710,000,000 Kmē.
The percentage of emerged lands is 70% and the surface of the emerged lands is of 497,000,000 Kmē. The length of the day is of 22 hours, atmosphere is of terrestrial kind, the average climate is desertic The planet has rich deposits of the rare mineral called TOPALINE. 

the boss 8K

Referring episode : Friday's child

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