ArdaniansArdanians, inhabitants of the planet Ardana (one of most recent federal members), are composed by humanoids coming from two different cultures: the Troglodytes, miners that live caverns beside the mines of zeenite and the inhabitants of the  suspended city of Stratos, very advanced from the artistic and cultural point of view. The social discriminations of Ardana has been eliminated by resolution of the Federal Counsel. Recent comparative studies on the DNA of the inhabitants of Stratos and they of the Troglodytes have revealed substantial differences in the structure of the aminoacids, and we suppose that the inhabitants of Stratos are not aboriginal of Ardana. To support of this thesis there is also the fact that nobody is able to explain the beginnings that regulate the complex system of gravitational manipulation that supports Stratos fairly clearly.

Ardana PlanetLocal name: Ardana
Name of the system: Mu Leonis To
Position in the system: 3
Class: M
Gravity: 1.2 g
Diameter: 10,200 Km
Equatorial circumference: 16,400 Km
Total surface: 310,000,000 Kmē
Percentage earths emerged: 80%
Surface earths emerged: 248,000,000 Kmē
Length of the day: 27 hours
Atmosphere: Earthling
Climate: Moderate cold
Population: No datum on the Trogloditi
Capital: Stratos, 700,000 inhabitants
Form of dominant life: Ardanians

Referring episode : The Cloudminders

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