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Der Kommissar by Falco 1982 - On 45 Gig Records VIP 10399 listen also to Rock me Amadeus (1985) Continental CTL 10629

Johann Holzel,Born 19 February 1957 in Vienna, Austria. Using a droll mixture of German and English lyrics, Falco had several international hits in the 80s. After completing his studies at the Vienna Conservatoire, he played bass guitar in the punk band Drahdiwaberl, composing 'Ganz Wien' which  appeared on their Psycho Terror in 1979, and was banned because it contained the line 'all Vienna is on heroin today'. His solo career began in 1982 with the rap-style European hit 'Kommisar' and the controversial tale of prostitution 'Jeanny', which topped the German charts despite a complete radio ban. Falco's first impact on the English-speaking world came with 'Rock Me Amadeus' (1985). Co-written with Dutch producers Rob and Ferdi Bolland, the song's zany mixture of speech and singing made it number 1 in the UK in 1986 at the same time as Falco 3went into the Top 10 in America. After releasing the rock ballad 'Vienna Calling', Falco returned to the 'Amadeus' mode on 'The Sound Of Musik', which was an attack on Austrian president Kurt Waldheim. Despite his collaboration with model and film star Brigitte Neilson on 'Body Next To Body', Falco's later records, such as 'Titanic' in 1992 were not successful outside German-speaking territories. Moving to the Dominican Republic for tax purposes, he was building his own recording studio when he was killed in a car accident in February 1998.