Jean-Marc Cerrone, well know as Cerrone,was born 1952 in Paris, France. Together with Giorgio Moroder he is aimed as Europes most important contribution of the Disco-Sound. Aged 18 he was Orchestra-Leader at the Club Mediterranee. When he was 20, he had a very lucrative contract with the french producer Barclay. That his records always sounded in a way to meet the current trends is best described with this statement of Cerrone:  "I don't produce records to press up my musical ideas to any minorities. Musical desires of that kind should be better practiced at home in the own cellar. For me it is more important to make music that appeals to broad audiences - I intentional want to work commercial. Why this is tabooed by so many people doesn't go into my head." With this opinion he sold more than 10 Million records until 1979. He had his biggest success in the international Single-Charts in July 1978 in GB with "Super Nature".

First album gave disco classic "Love in C Minor"; one of the first disco songs to fill a side of a record with an extended version of just one song. Listen for the beat - it is exactly what people mean when they say disco beat. "Cerrone's paradise" is a similarly good song to "Love in C minor" - perhaps it was too similar, as the album didn't sell as well. Supernature yielded the title track; a different style to the first two albums, it quickly became a disco classic and was even more popular on the continent. Golden Touch was final studio recorded album of the 70's and another classic dance track was founded with "Je suis music". His fifth album showed a move away from disco and towards rock with the A-side of the LP, but the b-side faithfully gives "Living on love to his disco fans. Further albums followed in the 80's, including "Cerrone IX" with "Club Underworld".